‘Tis The Season – An SOS Call To Action

Who would’ve thought that 4 1/2 years ago, as I sat on my sofa crying and sobbing in total despair aching for my son, and the old me dying, that this would happen.  Not me.

W, all of this is for you.  I can’t help us, but I can help others from being unnecessarily separated like us.  This is all for you. Love, Mom XOXO


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Adoption Sometimes Gets All Fucked-Up, 101

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Trigger warning: This post discusses adoption and disruption in light of the recent news story. It may contain issues that are triggering to adoptees, biological parents, or adoptive parents.

Additional Note: Yes, I know I didn’t include a link to the news story and I spelled the boy’s name wrong. Someday that kid is going to grow up and google himself, and I just don’t want to be a part of that media blitz for him.

Having worked within adoption (and still working fairly close to it), I can tell you that it is the least simple thing ever. There are no easy lines to be drawn about what is definitively good and bad. Adoption is a lifelong experience – for adoptees, for birth parents, and for adoptive parents, aka the adoption triad – and there is never a crystallized moment in time against which all mistakes, accomplishments, intentions, and…

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Adoption: A Permanent Solution To A Temporary Problem


W’s adoption definitely was a permanent solution to my oh so VERY temporary problems. Called pregnancy hormones.

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This thought came to me last night.

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I guess I had read one-too-many posts on adoption as a victory, while suicide is a tragedy. It all came together like a head-on collision: When we ask women to “make an adoption plan,” what we are really saying is, “Die, and let me have your child.”

How often have you heard people chastise those who decided to end their lives as playing God? It is called a sin. The dead or would-be dead are weak, disturbed, selfish, short-sighted, and angry. Much discussion ensues on how suicide must be prevented. It doesn’t matter why the individual wanted to die, the act of suicide must be stopped.

But when a woman thinks about relinquishing her child, there is no outcry. Instead, she is encouraged to go through with it, not unlike spectators on a sidewalk, mocking the desperate individual on the ledge with, “Jump, jump!”

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Grow Your Family Through Human Trafficking

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SOS Alert: Family in Need; Critical and Time Sensitive

We have another family on the line!

Source: SOS Alert: Family in Need; Critical and Time Sensitive

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Until They Come Home – #Justice4theFatherless

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9 months ago, in Ohio, we were all introduced to the heartbreaking case of Carri Stearns and her son, Camden. There have been ups, downs, court dates, appeals, waiting, and more waiting. Yet, Carri continues to fight and justice is slowly gaining head over the atrocity that was committed against Camden and her through Adoption by (not so) Gentle Care.

Recently, we have heard about another case where an unethical adoption is being attempted, this time in Alabama. While these two cases have many similarities, there are things about each that are very different. Not to mention that what you have read in the headlines about both of these cases only made it to the headlines because these women got in touch with the right people. When these cases are exposed people come out of the wood works with stories that are similar and most revolve around the unethical practices of…

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