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Operation Matthew 6:25-34

Originally posted on Musings of a Birthmom:
Welcome to one of the most coercive pre-adoptive stories you will ever read. Take a seat and prepare to look through a “story book” that defines coercion and duress in expectant mothers. I…

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Dear Adoption, You Betrayed Me

Source: Dear Adoption, You Betrayed Me

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Open Adoption and Playing God

Originally posted on velvet bocephus:
Another birthday has come and gone. Each year, it feels like that baby, MY baby, becomes more of a stranger. I dreamed of her my entire childhood. I carried her for 41 weeks, labored with…

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Dear Adoption, You Aren’t Always Right

Dear Adoption, You Aren’t Always Right Growing up, my adoption issues lived mostly in the confines of my own head. I was adopted domestically so most people had no clue my parents, siblings and I didn’t have the same genes. I went…

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Victoria: A Call To Action for the SOS Network

I’d like to tell you a story. A story about resilience, courage, love, redemption and faith. A story a little bit shocking, a lot sad, a little sensational, but filled with a lot of hope.&nbs… Source: Victoria: A Call To … Continue reading

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The Adoptionland Defensive

I probably shouldn’t blog when there’s a fire lit underneath me, but I can’t contain my thoughts. Firstly, I want to say to those who have shared my blog about newborn adoption no… Source: The Adoptionland Defensive

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Family preservation, and exposing adoption corruption a natural progression

Many things have been happening over the last couple years. We purchased a brand new home, we got married (yes H2 and I are still together), and we had W’s sibling.  A little girl. The help I’ve been giving to … Continue reading

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