Victoria: A Call To Action for the SOS Network

I’d like to tell you a story. A story about resilience, courage, love, redemption and faith. A story a little bit shocking, a lot sad, a little sensational, but filled with a lot of hope.&nbs…

Source: Victoria: A Call To Action for the SOS Network

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The Adoptionland Defensive

I probably shouldn’t blog when there’s a fire lit underneath me, but I can’t contain my thoughts. Firstly, I want to say to those who have shared my blog about newborn adoption no…

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Family preservation, and exposing adoption corruption a natural progression

Many things have been happening over the last couple years.

We purchased a brand new home, we got married (yes H2 and I are still together), and we had W’s sibling.  A little girl.

The help I’ve been giving to pregnant moms in crisis has really gained an incredible amount of support from adult adoptees, mothers of adoption loss as well as ‘some’ adoptive parents.

I, along with the help of some very motivated people, have worked to become a part of a 40 year old non-profit organization called Concerned United Birthparents, and with their help came up with the name Saving Our Sisters.  The name references the saving that we wish someone would’ve done for us, and our sisters in crisis pregnancies.

We have all come together to document the situations, spread the word when a mom is in need, and put themselves out there by meeting/mentoring the moms both before and after their children arrive and in some cases provide the moms with references to attorneys when necessary, provide a few bucks to pay a bill while they are on maternity leave and of course baby supplies that they didn’t think they needed, because they had resigned themselves to giving up on themselves, and their child.

It’s been an incredible couple of years.  Bittersweet actually.  Healing to grow this SOS family with so many mothers and their children who have stayed in touch over the years even after they have overcome their temporary situations and the crisis has passed. Heartbreaking because none of this will bring back my son (or allow us a relationship with him), and I have no idea if it will make any difference to him about all this that I am doing in his name.

The next step is finally getting proof of what so many of us mothers of adoption loss experienced.  Of what we were and are still today (no matter how many years after losing our children) told what never happens, that there are laws to stop any kind of coercion from taking place when a mother is in crisis and looking at her ‘options’.  That our stories are not ‘believable’.

Well, it finally has happened.  The 1st indisputable proof of adoption coercion.  The videos are so triggering.  I had to get up and walk away from my computer after listening to the 1st one.  It’s a story of a mother who was coerced by her boyfriend and his mother into the adoption, who had an unnecessary scheduled c-section for her 1st experience of giving birth, the natural delivery of her child taken from her because it was convenient for the PAPs who were flying across the country to purchase her baby.  The 1st video was an agonizing 23 minutes of this mother begging for her child back, begging for copies of the papers she signed, and being told she never received a very important one (waiving her revocation period) and telling the ‘adoption social worker’ that she never got to hold her daughter like she wanted while she broke out in sobs.  That she never wanted the prospective adoptive parents at the hospital and then being dismissed because that not what the ‘adoption social worker’ heard her say.

The natural progression of things……..and we will keep on documenting and proving that adoption has not changed….the industry has just perfected it’s ‘craft’ of separating mothers and their infants with incredibly cold and heartless and unethical tactics.

This saved family and baby have quite a story to tell…….and the experiences I have just keep on proving to me just how corrupt the adoption industry is.

I say this over and over and over……I just can’t make this stuff up.


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Abortion Vs. Adoption

*Disclaimer – This post will not argue whether abortion should be legal. This post has nothing to do with that. Instead, this post will assert the ludicrosity that adoption is an alternative …

Source: Abortion Vs. Adoption

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Cuddle, Nurture, Newborns Awaiting Adoption: The Adoption Propaganda Machine

Musings of a Birthmom: The Honest Ramblings of a First Mother

*EDIT: The article states there are 104,000 children awaiting adoption which is misleading and needs correction. This number reflects, almost exclusively, Foster care placements, not infants.*

Let’s talk about this article and its counterpart (original source), this article.


Adoption agencies need volunteers to cuddle, nurture newborns awaiting adoption

This article has been posted by various news outlets all over the Internet. It has been shared multiple times by agencies, pro-adoption groups, and mis-educated bystanders who see it in their news feed and think, “Awwww.” Stop.

Propaganda: information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc. 2. the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc. 3. the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.

Upon first glance, the first article seems to be a cuddly, fuzzy, feel-good piece. Volunteer to snuggle babies all day because there just isn’t enough…

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On the new adopter narratives.

Adoptees and mothers finding their voices, organizing, telling their stories, it is happening.

Don’t speak for the adoptee. Don’t stifle him either.

Source: On the new adopter narratives.

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Adoption: An Act of God

Letters to Ms. Feverfew

12540870_10207194071322837_3322030437251690189_nAn act of God is a disaster that leaves a path of destruction in its wake. It can be violent and unexpected or slow and insidious. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Tsunamis. Floods. Blizzards. Drought. Fires. Famines. Pestilence. Disease. These events are seen as being unpredictable and unreasonably severe. They leave broken families and broken hearts behind.

So, yes. I guess adoption is an act of God.

#flipthescript #familypreservationfirst

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Mary, Did You Know?

Extremely powerful and truthful post.

Musings of a Birthmom: The Honest Ramblings of a First Mother

While sitting around playing games on my phone the other day, my youngest daughter started to talk about her upcoming choir concert for school. She was excited to perform the songs they had learned and gave me a sneak peek of the upcoming show. When the preview was over she sighed and said, “Do you know what my favorite Christmas song is?” I didn’t so I told her so. She replied, “Mary, Did You Know?”

This surprised me a bit as it really isn’t a traditional Christmas song that a 13 year-old would like so much for it to be her favorite Christmas song.

Because of the upcoming Christmas holiday, I would like to incorporate this song into the message I am giving.

If this is not a song you are familiar with, you can listen to it HERE.

The lyrics (provided by Metro Lyrics) are:

Mary, did…

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‘Tis The Season – An SOS Call To Action

Who would’ve thought that 4 1/2 years ago, as I sat on my sofa crying and sobbing in total despair aching for my son, and the old me dying, that this would happen.  Not me.

W, all of this is for you.  I can’t help us, but I can help others from being unnecessarily separated like us.  This is all for you. Love, Mom XOXO


Source: ‘Tis The Season – An SOS Call To Action

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Adoption Sometimes Gets All Fucked-Up, 101


Trigger warning: This post discusses adoption and disruption in light of the recent news story. It may contain issues that are triggering to adoptees, biological parents, or adoptive parents.

Additional Note: Yes, I know I didn’t include a link to the news story and I spelled the boy’s name wrong. Someday that kid is going to grow up and google himself, and I just don’t want to be a part of that media blitz for him.

Having worked within adoption (and still working fairly close to it), I can tell you that it is the least simple thing ever. There are no easy lines to be drawn about what is definitively good and bad. Adoption is a lifelong experience – for adoptees, for birth parents, and for adoptive parents, aka the adoption triad – and there is never a crystallized moment in time against which all mistakes, accomplishments, intentions, and…

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